Flanges testing
We Work Hard

For Better Quality

Our employees at Katariya Steel Distributors follow and contribute to the effectiveness of our quality system in all aspects of our operation. Our commitment ensures that our clients receive unmatched quality and service. This is accomplished through a collaborative approach in which all members are aware of the company's goals and work within their respective disciplines to contribute effectively. Our quality control team combines technical skills, knowledge of industry standards, and the latest inspection tools and machines to ensure that the supply is made to our client's exact specifications. High quality, tolerance, and traceability are all given special consideration.

For the most demanding sectors, our inspection facilities are equipped with cutting-edge equipment for checking both the physical and metallurgical aspects of our products. DIN, ISO, ASTM, IS, BS, and other international standards are met or exceeded by our products. By developing and delivering high-quality products at competitive pricing, we are committed to assisting you in completing projects on schedule and within budget.

Raw Materials Control :
We conduct chemical and mechanical inspections for quality assurance in addition to checking raw materials certificates from the supplier. We will purchase raw materials from authorized suppliers, our quality department must first approve the applicable qualifying procedures.

Visual Inspection in Production :
In every procedure, the appearance of products must be visually evaluated. The product will be rejected if any deformation or damage is discovered.

Adequate traceability records are kept at all times, from raw materials to semi-finished and finished goods. Random inspection of semi-finished items is performed in each procedure.