Technical Data

The Katariya steels are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the mechanical and technical bodies and types of equipment. They are the leading exporters of all types of the instrument of alloy grade steels. The austenitic stainless steels are the alloys consisting of iron, chromium, and nickel. The austenitic steels can be hardened by the cold working. The main element in this alloy is nickel. It is added with different proportions of alloys for different grades and classes of steel alloys. This alloy is also containing a small amount of carbon but it is kept at low levels.

The nickel content in this alloy varies from 4% to 22%. The high amount of nickel content describes the increased amount of ductility of the metal. The chromium is added to this alloy for increasing the resistance towards corrosion of the metal. The increase in the proportion of nickel and chromium is directly proportional to each other. This is to maintain the austenitic structure of the alloy.

The additional quality of this metal alloy is that it is slightly magnetic. As this alloy is very efficient in the cold-working conditions, it posses the magnetic nature very well. They are mostly worked and used in the annealed conditions in which it is often non-magnetic in nature. As this alloy is the austenitic type it predicts the following features,
» They are very good at Cold-forming
» They are Ease of welding
» They show very good High-temperature service
» They are having the highest resistance towards corrosion
The austenitic steels are the most demanded steel alloys of now.